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My desire to express myself through visual art began in my early 20’s.  I began with pencils and charcoal, moved on to pen and ink and eventually to watercolor. My work has come full circle as now I sometimes incorporate all three mediums in a single painting.

As the days and objects are different, so are my paintings, ranging from realistic to abstract.  My colors tend toward the bold, although traditional use of watercolor is also a part of my work.  The color attained when pigment mingles with water always intrigues me.  It is a thoughtful process as one has to leave the white of paper for highlights or restful spaces.

My journey has been structured yet exploratory.  In general I am not a serial painter but revel in each individual piece.  I watch with fascination when applying pigment and water over charcoal and find that the errant charcoal fragments add depth to a painting, such as in ‘Remembrance.’   Recently I have started using ink in the same way I use watercolor, as in my guitar paintings.  Since the colors are pure pigment, the boldness of color is different than that of traditional watercolors.  

I continue to view the world with my own eyes. I see colors and patterns and juxtapositions that have heightened my senses and wish to share some of my visions.  Art should start a dialogue, be of interest or make the observer wonder how the piece was achieved.  Perhaps one of my paintings will do this for you. 


J.K. Dimond has been juried into various shows in the D.C. area and also The Washington Square Outdoor Art Exhibit in NYC. Her work is on display in the Ward Nasse Gallery in New York City.